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Bolt is the production content discipline at TBWA\RAAD in Dubai, catering for small and medium size content productions and post productions/animations in the Middle East region.


Bolt Istanbul was founded in january 2019 as a branded content and project management operation, aiming to connect brands with their audiences across all media platforms.


TBWA Italy Production Dept. is a small dedicated team featuring both people with a long experience in all the production fields and a creative approach, and young, brilliant talents blending together with a constant creative attitude to any kind of brief, content need, time or budget constraint, always with an eye to the best achievable quality and economic profitability. The same team takes good care of both traditional ATV projects and the lighter and more agile original contents creations by BOLT.


Sting Films®️ is the content production studio of TBWA\MCR, producing over 400 films and animations a year. They are our Maker experts, backed by \MCR's brand building pedigree of thinkers, creators and partners to deliver production solutions that drive value for clients.


BOLD Moscow forms part of a fully integrated agency model that brings together creative capabilities of TBWA and makers from across specialized areas to create incredible content. It covers all the types of pre-, post-production from illustration, photography, retouch to video/photo shooting.

South Africa

Sting Content Production South Africa is a bespoke content production team aimed at providing agile creative content solutions to our TBWA agency partners & independent clients. We provide the following aspects: Filming, editing, 2D and 3D animation and Visual effects as well as Audio Production - Basically, from TV to content - Radio to Podcasts


TBWA\Moirè was born as a response to the new needs that the sector asked us directly related to digital content and branded content. Also, as a way to make mock-ups to present ideas to our advertisers in pitches. In addition, we solve internally post-productions of final emission cuts.