Bolt is the production content discipline at TBWA\RAAD in Dubai, catering for small and medium size content productions and post productions/animations in the Middle East region.


Production: full on organization of a shoot’s preparation and filming


  • Filming: point and shoot.
  • In-house Steadicam kit and two camera operators
  • DOP
  • Directing: performance to interviews

Post studio

  • Editing

VFX studio

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D

Contact details:

TBWA\RAAD Dubai, Emaar Square, Building 1, PO Box 40604

Nelly Chahwan
[email protected]

Rouba Asmar
[email protected]

Case studies:

Art Gap

This is a dear idea to our hearts where we have partnered with female artists. Since women artists are getting paid 47.5% less than male artists, the female artists painted art pieces with 47.5% less information in them. This was a successful campaign of several films each focused on an artist and a case study summarizing the idea.

Classico Dogs

The biggest challenge for rescue organizations in the UAE and globally is convincing people that mixed breed dogs are as trainable and as adoptable as pure breeds, hence the old saying “You CAN'T teach an old dog a new trick." So for its latest campaign, SNIFF decided to go the extra mile by getting abandoned mix breed dogs to play and enjoy the most passionate sport of the region, Football and support world class teams as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Infiniti Q50