TBWA\Moirè was born as a response to the new needs that the sector asked us directly related to digital content and branded content. Also, as a way to make mock-ups to present ideas to our advertisers in pitches. In addition, we solve internally post-productions of final emission cuts.



  • Post studio, filming and preproduction
  • In-house: one camera operator & director and one sound technician
  • Edition
  • Postproduction
  • Da Vinci Grading
  • Sound Studio

VFX studio

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Character design

Contact details:

c/ Juan Esplandiú 11. Planta C1, 28007 Madrid

[email protected]
+34 91 531 14 65

Case studies:

Ecoembes: “The creature”

We created a minimum production - bearing equipment, director, DOP, sound technique for FX, stylish and art direction and shot in 2 days, one outer and one inside attreted. All postproduction was internal except the colour grading.

Four nights of shooting with two cameras, a projector and a minimum production team to project on the walls of Madrid buildings. It was animations where we showed dramatic situations that matched the real petitions of signatures.